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  Troon and Villeneuve-Sur-Lot

Troon Town Twinning Association - What's new? (Latest Update 14/09/2018):

The September 2018 Visit of our friends from the Villeneuve Jumelage has commenced - see our News Page - News

Porte de Pujols

Villeneuve is a small town of about 25,000 people situated in the Lot Valley in the South West of France. It was founded between 1254 and 1263 by Alphonse de Poitiers. Villeneuve-Sur-Lot is one of the many Bastides - towns with defensive walls - built in the South-West of France at this time.

The two main gates to the walled town are still standing. The photo shows the Tower of the Porte de Pujols

The twinning of Villeneuve with Troon started in 1987 with a visit by the Troon Twinners to Villeneuve, followed by a visit to Troon by the Villeneuvois in 1988.

Market, Villeneuve

Since then there have been many successful group visits between the two towns. In addition, long-lasting friendships have formed between individuals as a result of the catalyst of the twinning.

Initially very successful exchanges occurred between school groups, but these have faltered in the face of increasingly onerous regulation. However, young people have continued to obtain work experience through contacts between the two towns. Thriving exchanges continue between sporting and cultural groups as well as the formal twinning groups.

In September 2007 for the 20th Anniversary of the Twinning a roundabout in Villeneuve was named the "Rond-Point de Troon" Councillors and Members of the Twinning Committees of the two towns attended the ceremony in the early morning mist of the Lot Valley:

Troon Town Twinning Association - Rond Point de Troon 

Our most recent exchange took place in June 2016 when a group from Villeneuve visited Troon. See our news page for the most recent photos.

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