Villeneuve 15K Road Race September 2009

Six runners from Troon travelled to Villeneuve for the 25th Anniversary 15k du Villeneuvois road race on Sunday 27th September 2009.

To support the race the Ville de Villeneuve-Sur-Lot invited runners from all five of their twin towns to participate.

The evening before the race the town held a reception for the runners from the visting twin towns in the Maison de Vie Associative. There were teams from Avila in Spain, Neustadt in Germany, San Donà di Piave in Italy, and Troon. Runners from Bouaké in the Côte D'Ivoire had also hoped to come, but were prevented by political difficulties at the time of the race.

At the ceremony Niall MacPherson, Vice-President of the Troon Tortoises, congratulated the Stade Villeneuvois Athlétisme for the impeccable organization of their races and presented them with a plaque commemorating the 25 years of the 15k.

The race took place on a beautiful sunny morning. As at previous events, we were inspired by the music of André Bouyra and his band.

The 15K run took place over a flat course starting before the Mairie in Villeneuve, going out along the River Lot to Bias, and back to the starting point. For the less athletically inclined there was a pleasant 10k walk - la randonnée.

The 15K du Villeneuvois usually takes place on the last Sunday of September each year. For further infomation contact us at the Town-Twinning e-mail address.

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