Guy Capmas - An Appreciation by Bill Taylor 

Guy Capmas, Notaire at Villeneuve-sur-Lot for many years, died on Monday 12 July 2010 after a long illness.

Guy was a member of the first delegation who came to Troon in 1987 to meet with the newly formed Troon Town Twinning committee with a view to forming twinning links with Troon. Guy was a keen golfer who had been involved in establishing the golf club at Castelnaud de Gratecombe, just north of Villeneuve. His interest in twinning with Troon centered largely on the town's reputation for golf. However, it soon became clear to those of us who met him that he had a great enthusiasm for everything and everyone he encountered. He was a man of many parts: adroit businessman, ardent conversationalist - never hindered by any linguistic limitations, also always ready to burst into song at the drop of a hat - his favourite rendition was "Les Feuilles Mortes", The Falling Leaves.

I think Guy Capmas was the most courteous, charming, gentle man I ever met. He was kind and considerate, a generous and hospitable host. His conversation was peppered with his own delicious brand of humour, often making hilarious and, I suspect, deliberate mistakes, as he grappled with the English language.

He was instrumental in the formation of Troon Pétanque Club in 1989. He sent us a gift, a case with a set of French boules for Annabel and myself, and this prompted the idea of introducing the game to Troon. He continued to take an interest in the club's success over twenty-odd years. He also attempted to introduce in Villeneuve-sur-Lot the Scottish game of bowls, (or bowels as he insisted in pronouncing it - perfectly aware of the error), but over time it proved impossible to create the grass surface it required in the hot, dry conditions of a Villeneuve summer, and they had to be content with the game of "carpet bowels".

Guy was a vital asset to the twinning movement between our two towns as it developed over the years. Like me he believed it was more to do with friendship between the peoples of the two communities than any formalities it might involve, and he did much to foster those friendships. He is survived by his wife Monique, daughter Cathy and son Remi, as well as their three granddaughters, Delphine, Paule and Laure-Anais. He and Monique also have five great-grandchildren.

Guy (left) with Nan McFarlane and Bill Taylor

Guy at Inverary Jail

Guy at Arcachon

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